20050129TF x/x "Ranger's" first day. We have yet to name him. TAPPAN, NJ 1/29/05 1:28:34 PM TIM FARRELL/THE STAR-LEDGER

20050129TF x/x “Ranger’s” first day. We hadn’t named him yet. TAPPAN, NY 1/29/05 1:28:34 PM

The naming of dogs is a difficult thing.  We have been getting “rescues” for the past 12 years. Often they come with a name. Our white shepherd mix didn’t and we named her Nellie. As in – whoa Nellie! Not sure how we came up with that one. But it suited her.

Mike (above), who came to us named Ranger, was a case where we decided to honor a friend of ours, who had recently passed away. Michael Murray once declared, late at a party, “When I come back, I want to come back as one of the Farrell’s dogs! They live better than me.”  That was all it took, Mike seemed to take to the name right away.