Chicken Soup…

Test.  CITY, NJ  2/1/13  (photo by Tim Farrell)

In all the years I’ve puttered around in the kitchen I’d never made chicken soup, until today.  I had some left over uncooked chicken part in the ‘fridge that I was not sure what to do with, so I went for simplicity.  Simplicity – plus the fact that I felt the need to check chicken soup off my list of things I need to make.

My reasons for never making it was simple; I thought it too plain.  I have made simple vegetable soups before, so why not the most basic soup of all?  I’ll chalk it up to arrogance and the snobbishness of youth.  Surely bisques and multi faceted concoctions were more worthy of my attention than this lowly, humble cure-all for the common cold.  I was wrong.  The good part about getting older is one starts to appreciate simple things.

This soup is basic, save for one flourish I added… Thyme.  It’s simply chicken, water, carrots, onion, celery and a little salt.  Oh yes – and the thyme, because I coudn’t help myself.  One thing I did was I strained the broth three times, twice through a sieve and once with a sieve covered with cheesecloth.  It worked wonders for keeping all the little yucky bits out.

Epilog:  It really didn’t need the thyme.  Like I said, simple is better.

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