Cancerboy Chronicles: No Drama Edition

timwbeerA couple of weeks ago marked a year since I got my cancer diagnosis. I didn’t mention it for a few reasons. First it’s not something to celebrate. Second, it’s meaningless knowing I’d been carrying these tumors around for who-knows-how-long. But most importantly I didn’t mention it because I didn’t want to elevate that day to star status. Besides, the original diagnosis proved to be wrong. (For those those still think I have the 1st diag. No, I don’t have pancreatic cancer. I have pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor. It’s a different disease, but no less deadly, ultimately. Just ask Steve Jobs.) If I did have the first, I’d most likely be dead now.

The point of this drivel is to thank you all for a year’s worth of support, lunch invites and your friendship. I means a lot to me. Sometimes even Mr. Sarcasm/snarkface/a-hole/ I wish he’d stop posting about the Rangers Dude (that’s me) gets bewildered and down. You always pick me up. You’re like Cher slapping me and saying, “Snap out of it!”

Brief status report: I am doing OK. If you saw me in person you’d think (to yourselves I trust), “What a fat load!” It’s true. For some reason* I have been gaining weight through this whole thing. *reasons are mostly likely a result of the chemo and , oh yeah, I like to eat. They ask about your appetite every time you go in for chemo. My stock answer is “voracious!” Go figure. [knock wood]

Plan B seems to be going as planned (hoped). They have taken me off one of the two drugs I was getting. Still on one drug, Irinotecan, which still makes me pretty nauseous at times. (Gods bless certain non-approved medicinal remedies for nausea.)

Make biggest practical problem is fatigue. I tell people that I get exhausted tying my shoes. They smile, but I’m being deadly serious. (Yes I have loafers and sandals.) Golf is a tease when I pass my home course. I have all this time, but couldn’t walk to the first tee without having to sit a spell. It’s frustrating that I can only do limited yard work. I have to ask Sue to do some of the things I did.

OK enough whining…. gotta go plan dinner. Thanks for your support this year. I’ll shoot for writing another This-Isn’t-An-Anniversary-Note note same time next year. ??? Onward…

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